Sports Loyalty International

About SLI


Our mission is to create the most successful coalition loyalty program ever developed for leading US enterprises and to revolutionize the traditional customer loyalty and sports sponsorship business models.

We will create extraordinary value for our customers, our partners and our company by:

  • Partnering with leading businesses, professional sports teams, and NCAA universities to develop a 21st century customer loyalty program that delivers breakthrough value to all stakeholders by leveraging the uniquely motivating fan passion and regional affinity of US households with the powerful economics of sports rewards.
  • Expanding rewards and member value to attract all households within our program markets by appealing to shoppers on both an emotional and rational basis.
  • Connecting and leveraging the four primary assets of our program: the uniquely motivating rewards and flexible currency; a permission-based, coalition customer database and advanced analytical capabilities; interactive member touch points; and a coalition of leading teams and sponsors.
  • Maximizing 21st century interactive, digital, social, and mobile value creation opportunities.
  • Developing, engaging and rewarding a world-class team comprised of SLI staff, partners, advisors, and investors.



  • By launching the first successful coalition loyalty model in the US, we will transform the way US consumers and fans are rewarded for their loyalty, creating a virtuous cycle of value creation between the highest caliber of businesses, the strongest affinity brands, and the everyday families that support them.
  • The demonstrated results of our charter programs will propel the adoption or our model across the country and around the world, revolutionizing the way consumers are rewarded for their engagement with the teams and companies they love most.
  • We will revolutionize the opportunity for teams to engage fans and corporate supporters, and we aspire to become one of the largest contributors to college scholarships in the history of the universities with which we partner.



1. Passion

SLI is driven by a passion to create value for all stakeholders: our program members, sponsors, teams and other partners, and our company.  We love what we do and are energized by using our talents and our assets to create extraordinary results for and with our partners.

2. Respect

We respect our sponsors, teams and other partners businesses, experience and brands.  We know that coalition programs can only be successful if they work for all members of the coalition.  We realize that the opportunity to work with leading companies and their brands is a privilege SLI must continue to earn every day.  We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of our Members information and to building upon our Founders early contributions to the creation of permission based marketing.

3. Collaboration

We know that successful coalition loyalty programs are the product of extraordinary collaboration among  members of the coalition  and within our company.  We will create continuously higher levels of value for our stakeholders by working together and leveraging the cumulative experience, talents, energy and  knowledge of everyone engaged with our company and our programs.

4. Candor

We are data driven and committed to using our assets to optimize results for our stakeholders. We know that delivering long term sustainable value demands that we candidly solicit, act on and share the feedback from our members, our sponsors and our partners.

5. Results

We hold ourselves and our company responsible for delivering results to our partners.  We know that we will only have the opportunity to grow to our full potential if we continue to deliver extraordinary results to all stakeholders.

6. Knowledge

SLI’s founding assets included the cumulative experience of our team, our partners and our investors and the knowledge gained from listening to thousands of consumers.  We are committed to building upon our initial knowledge base in collaboration with all stakeholders to continuously grow the value of our company and our programs.